Informatica van Breda

Efficient security at Informatica van Breda

Made-to-measure security to count on.


Introducing a new security solution at OneSpan

A new platform for more security.


Destination: perfection

On board at TUI for a new insurance platform


Going with the flow

INIConnect: a communication platform for insurance compagnies.

Piette & Partners

Ready for the future

Piette & Partners is an insurance underwriter.

BNP Paribas Fortis

Making personal investment advice possible

Tobania took part in the API technology development at BNP Paribas Fortis. The Serenity Project.


Infrabel | Bringing business and development close...

Rule engine enables the use of everyday language at Infrabel


PolyVision | A Solution made of steel

PolyVision opts for a solid software solution

Athora Belgium

Athora Belgium | How Tobania made a sleek website ...

A full rebranding of the online presence of Athora Belgium

AXA Bank

AXA Bank | Device replacement and implementation o...

Productive AXA employees with shiny new infrastructure

Febelfin Academy

Febelfin Academy

Fast Forward for Febelfin Academy


Concordia | Customisable and lead generating websi...

Website redesign with drag and drop


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