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5 years, 50 projects, lots of enthusiasm: that's how we made Tractebel more digital and efficient

From a corporate strategy to a digital one Tractebel already had existing digitalization projects in the works.

From a corporate strategy to a digital one
Tractebel already had existing digitalization projects in the works. However, they weren’t aligned. That’s why they asked Tobania to help with the translation of their corporate strategy in a digital strategy. They really felt the need to streamline internal processes using technology.

Digital roadmap
A long-term strategy was needed. That’s why we conceived a digital roadmap for the next 5 years, defining 50 projects that would bring everything into practice. Tobania also guided the launch of the projects in close co-operation with key people of Tractebel.

The approach
We worked top-down – together with members of the Executive Committee and our Benefit Dependency Network method we identified the business enablers. These were translated into necessary changes and solutions. We also worked bottom-up – together with our stakeholders we came up with specific points of improvement. Each project was defined and prepared to go live using blue prints showing how a future process could be successfully rolled out within the company over at least 5 years.

How did Tobania make the difference?
For us digital transformation is more than just the technological aspect. We work on 3 levels:

  • People and Culture
  • Processes and Organization
  • Technology

Thanks to our pragmatism, clear deliverables, and co-creation within the organization we offered Tractebel not only a theoretical framework. We could guarantee them also strong results – in a relatively short time.

How can we help you?
The Tractebel case is a good example of the way we help companies with their digital transformation. Thanks to our proven approach we always find the right solution, no matter how specific or ambitious the task.
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Tractebel Engineering S.A. realizes sustainable, competitive and reliable projects. The company provides first-class engineering and consulting services in energy, water & infrastructure. Tractebel adds value throughout the complete cycle of a project, has more than 150 years of experience and a world-wide presence.

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