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Increased need for support? We've got your back!

Our government asks everybody to stay home to #FlattentheCurve together. Suddenly, we are all working remotely to protect our employees. Of course, you want nothing more than to continue your business as usual and provide your customers with the best service.

You are looking for ways to minimise the impact. You're not alone! Tobania is a fully digital company, who supports teleworking activities at many of our customers. We can also assist you (temporarily) to cope with the following challenges: 
  • Overflow support to lower the workload of your technical or business service desk. Tobania.Support has a broad experience in customer care, customer success and technical support. Within 48 hours we can be ready to be your customer care extension.
  • Remote support to your employees. Our remote technical support team is ready to assist your homeworking employees in all of their technical end-user computing problems.
  • PC as a Service. We can provide your employees with a full workplace package, without the burden of a full investment. This keeps your OPEX – CAPEX balance on point!

Let’s go for ‘business as usual’ together. If you need temporary assistance (to get started) or want more information on our services, your digital wingman is only one click away

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