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Tobania's Proclamation

The past few weeks have been special in every sense of the word, not least in the field of digitisation.

Like never, everything and everyone went digital.
What seemed impossible was realised anyway.
Months of thought and analysis were skipped to make things happen.
Right now. Immediately. Because we just had to.  
The Fourth Industrial Revolution made it possible.
And against all odds, it worked.
Businesses kept running (miraculously).
Remote became the new norm(al).
Network performance was boosted.
Urgent apps were built.
Online meeting systems were rolled out. 
Suddenly, it turned out that in Belgium,
we were able to do e-commerce after all.
Without global platforms
and developers from far away countries.
And the employees, they ploughed on.
Just like the farmer in that famous poem.
They work, they live, at a distance.
They reinvented themselves.
They dived into new systems
and learned how to swim.
Darwin proved to be right again:
"It’s not the strongest of the species that survives,
nor the most intelligent.
But the one most responsive to change."
This digital revolution cannot be reversed.
So many take-aways to make us stronger,
in that bright future ahead of us.
Everyone went Agile.
It’s about carrying the fire together.
It’s about facing the emergency.
Now comes a time to contemplate
about our new systems and solutions
and how to make them stay.
Now comes a time to contemplate
on how to handle a next crisis better.
It’s about creating a digital culture.
About building solid foundations.
About a robust and customer-friendly design as the norm.
About becoming and being Agile, more than ‘just doing it’.
About technological (re-)implementations.
At Tobania, we look at a bright future
and more than ever we are and will be,
your wingman,
in the battle for a better tomorrow.


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