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With creativity and patience, you can accomplish a lot

As test consultants, we support test execution, but we also want to be a guide to our clients and to support a better way of testing.

Who are you?  
Jeroen Wortel, Test Specialist at Tobania.Testing 

Can you tell us something you’ve learned at Tobania? 
Every project is a new beginning: every client works differently. As test consultants, we support test execution, but we also want to be a guide to our clients and to support a better way of testing.  

At one of my previous projects, for example, I noticed a quite chaotic way of working: every tester had his own methods. That’s why I decided to create a universal test framework. To increase efficiency and to save time.  

So, did it work? 
Well, it was all made with only Microsoft Excel and Access. Call me crazy, but I had to keep it simple. Using Excel, I made templates for the testers, to create, manage and execute test cases. For the test coordinators, I created reports, so they could check the execution statuses and the issues.   

Apart from the tools, the change management was another challenge. I needed to convince team members to use my solution. It’s not always easy to apply a change at a large organisation. So, I had to start with smaller groups and show them how their day-to-day life would improve. After a while, the number of teams convinced was high enough to turn my solution into a common practice.  

How does the story continue? 
Later on, I managed to create a report that combines two Jira systems to bring everything together at one location. And I also made an automated test solution to create more test data in a short period of time.  

What advantages came from it?  
Every tester can now understand the creations of his colleagues since they all use the same template. For test coordinators, there are numerous advantages. No more manual counting of the execution progress, for example. Instead, they can simply open an Excel report. Follow-up of the execution process and of the issues all became possible. Analysis, creation, maintenance, and follow-up are now their main occupation.  

Any take-aways? 
Never feel discouraged if you’re starting a project without the necessary tools: with creativity and patience, you can accomplish a lot. I challenge you to think outside the box! Good luck! 

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