Technology enables you to optimise processes & data

Today’s customers are looking for more added value, in line with the requirements of our rapidly changing and disruptive world. Both RPA and BI provide tools which solve three universal concerns: “How can I be more efficient?”, “How can I cut costs?” and “How can I preserve my business continuity”. That’s where Tobi comes in!

Who carries on with the work? Tobi does! Who is always at your service? Tobi is! Who can relieve your employees of repetitive tasks? Tobi, of course! So, who is he? This magical man? This one in a million? Well, Tobi is our RPA & BI Robot. He is fully trained to automate your processes, to report with Business Intelligence and to make your life easier. And to free you from any repetitive work.

And the best thing… You don't need to go through any interviews or complicated negotiations to get him working for you. RPA and BI are actually pretty straightforward, especially if you team up with a partner like Tobania. We have 10 years of expertise in this domain and constantly update to the latest features. Once we introduce you to the robot, your work will never have been easier.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Less repetitive tasks, more high-value work

What today's customers want:

  • More added value
  • Focus on high-value work
  • Adaptability to our rapidly changing and disruptive world
  • Relieving employees of manual repetitive and recurring tasks
  • Improvement data & process quality
  • Low costs of implementation & fast return of investment
  • FTE redeployment toward added-value tasks
  • Processing time saving up to 80%​​​​​​​

How can RPA be the lever to achieve these objectives?

*The scan takes 4 hours and has a business value of €500.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Dynamic dashboarding & reporting

Questions taken from your daily life:

  • Why are our results above or below the estimated budget?
  • How can I do better decision-making?
  • Which are the fastest growing or decreasing clients?
  • How can I visualise my financial reports in real-time?
  • Improve data quality
  • Low costs of implementation & fast return of investment
  • Data visualisation also accessible from mobile or tablet
  • Can be integrated from thousands of data sources

How can organisation’s data lead to better decision-making?

*The check takes 4 hours and has a business value of €500.

About Tobania.RPA

Don't worry: we don't just talk robotics! We are completely human, apart from our friend Tobi. It's a friendship we can count on for 10 years now. Yes, our expertise within RPA and BI go back that far. And still, our team works with the same dedication for each one of our customers every day.

Based on that experience, we can promise you a quick implementation that will allow for an easy start-up soon. 

Sounds good, no? 
Let’s meet to see how technology will enable you to optimise your processes & data.



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